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Frontend/HMI/UX med erf av QT/QM
JavaScript,HTML,CSS3,JQuery,HTML5,Microsoft Office,React,Angular,Node
As a Senior SW Developer you will work within various projects with focus on User Interface implementation of concepts through SW development, HW integration and technical expertise, to support and evaluate HMI and UX design concepts together with the designers in the HMI Design team.  The scope includes HMI design for infotainment, driver information, telematics and other car functions with both digital and physical user interfaces, to support and enhance the driving experience.  responsibilities. The core of this assignments consists of QT quick or web-based development working closely with Interaction and Graphic designers developing HMI software application prototypes. The prototypes are mainly for the in-car screens, but we also develop smart phone apps and hardware controller prototypes using Arduino and Rasberry Pi. Currently most apps are created using QT quick. Knowledge of back-end development is preferred as the assignment leads also to design and maintain a system which handles all app prototype communication, server logic and data storing. Today we have a system which consists of separated nodes that communicates using mainly JSON via MQTT protocol. You will mainly be focusing on the front-end part but we are a small team and we divide tasks based on both knowledge and interests. You will therefore have a lot of opportunities to broaden your knowledge in new areas. This assignment also contains the team leading role for the HMI Functional Prototypes team. The team currently consist of three people developing both SW and HW prototypes. This part of the assignment includes being the interface towards vehicle projects and the project leads to receive requests for support, plan work packages together with the prototyping team, manage priorities, and overall ensure the team is on the track.  You will work within the HMI Design department, a cross-functional team where inter-disciplinary focus, curiosity and drive are highly valued. We work in close collaboration with other design departments shaping in-car digital experiences of the future.

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