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Infra DevOps Engineer
Assignment is to manage and operate infrastructure & security for production environment for the Digital platform used to support EU launch, hosted in Azure & AWS. The infrastructure operations team is responsible for ensuring that the organization's cloud infrastructure is reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective. We expect you to be the kind of person that thrives in an environment where not everything is set and a solution needs to be defined, prototyped and implemented with emphasis on automation, speed and reliability. We believe that a Devops approach and culture will be the key for success in the collaboration. • Maintain and monitor cloud infrastructure: Maintenance and monitoring of the AWS cloud infrastructure to ensure it is operating optimally and efficiently. • Deploy and configure cloud services: Deploy and configure cloud services such as virtual machines, containers, storage, databases, and networking. • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues: Identify and troubleshoot issues that arise in the cloud infrastructure, including service downtime, software failures, and security breaches. • Develop and implement security policies: Implement security policies and procedures to protect the cloud infrastructure and solutions from cyber threats. • Backup and disaster recovery: Implement and manage backup and disaster recovery systems to ensure that data can be recovered in the event of a catastrophic failure or other emergency. • Upgrade and maintain software and services: Ensure that all software and services in the cloud infrastructure are up to date and patched against known vulnerabilities. • Performance tuning: Identify and resolve performance issues in the cloud infrastructure, including slow services and network congestion. • Capacity planning: Plan for future cloud infrastructure needs, including adding new services and capacity as necessary to support growth and expansion. • Cost optimization: Monitor and optimize cloud resource usage to ensure that the organization is getting the best value for its investment. • Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of all cloud infrastructure components, including configurations, networking diagrams, security policies and procedures, and cost reports. • Processes & automations: Ensure high efficiency in the management of the systems Qualifications and skills required for the assigment • M.Sc. Electrical, or Computer Engineering, or equivalent work experience. • +5 years’ experience as a system engineer or IT specialist within infrastructure • AWS cloud & eco system experience • Excellent communication & presentation skills. • Analytical and conceptual thinking skills. • In-depth knowledge of DevOps culture, agile principles, and experience using tools like Jira & Confluence. • Experience in software development & software engineering. • Proactive, self-starter and ability to manage multiple tasks effectively. Personal attributes You are the kind of person that thrives in an environment where everything is not set and gets inspired from defining and implementing solutions. You will work closely with business stakeholders, architects, developers, and other colleagues to ensure that information security risks are managed according to expectations. You are pragmatic, self-driven, curious, and flexible with a “we’ll find a way”-attitude. • Excellent communication skills • Problem solving skills to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve technical issues effectively • Proactive, self-starter and ability to manage multiple tasks effectively • A team mindset and an outgoing personality with the ability to guide and inspire others. IT/SW requirements (if applicable) AWS expertise The assignment includes travel:

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