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MS Dynamics,CMS
The project Holmer is part a program that aim to replace current case management system ARGUS. The appointed system is Microsoft Dynamics. Homer is targeting the technical support process to dealers and workshops. How to do a specific repair, how to use a specific tool etc... It is a quite complex process with finance -who should pay for what etc. There are multiple views dependent on the role of the user. The business community is global and the processes are touching most TD/BA’s. • You will lead and coordinate 3 main suppliers; Platform supplier (Microsoft), Implementation supplier(EY) and Volvo Group IT (Architects, Business analysts and developers). • The CPMs responsibility is to ensure that the correct features are prioritized in line with the business needs. • This is not only a coordination role it is expected from the CPM to be involved in the details and not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves. Comments on Experience & Skills • Communication and stakeholder management skills on levels are key- both internal and with external partners • Strong agile experience, this will be done with MVP 1-2-3 approach – balancing scope, planning and budget • Experience from Volvo Group internal IT process is a must such as EA certification • Experience from Microsoft Dynamics is a plus • Experience from implementing case management system / understanding of such support flow is a plus

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