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System Design Engineer
Agile,UML,Linux,Android,Autosar,ISO20262CAN,UDS,Cyper security
As a System Design Engineer within the Business, Architecture, Services and Connectivity stream, you will be part of building a global platform utilized by the brands. The development within this area is fast and rewarding! This is Us Within Service Platform System and Architecture, our main responsibility is to develop and maintain large solution level enablers for digital services. Our design teams are cross functional and include system architects, cybersecurity engineers, system engineers, verification architects as well as other ad-hoc members as required for the task at hand.We value kindness and inclusiveness. We aim to build a work environment built on mutual trust. This is What You Will Do In this role, and together with other subject matter experts from around the company, you will lead the work to design, develop and deploy solutions built with emerging technologies. This is a team sport! You will be responsible for reviewing input requirements and business cases, identifying possible technological solutions, analyzing, evaluating the options, and then anchoring the end solution with stakeholders around the company. You will work within an agile development environment as part of a large, collaborative team to achieve your goals. You will be responsible for the technical components of development plans aiming to bring new technology to the market. You will be required to communicate your vision and requirements clearly to implementing teams working in various disciplines. This position is about communication, leadership, and collaboration. The ability to quickly grasp new concepts and translate knowledge from a technical to business audience and back, or between technical teams working in different areas, is most important. This is You You are both a leader and a pedagogue. You find yourself driving initiatives and projects forward due to a passion for technology. Mentors comment on your energy and enthusiasm and less experienced colleagues come to you for help and advice, which you are happy to give. You enjoy analyzing and solving complex problems, and then translating your findings for different stakeholders who may not have technical backgrounds. You have extensive experience within the automotive, embedded or mobile industry. You have designed, built and tested systems involving automotive, mobile or embedded applications. You have worked with software most of your career and probably have some experience as a developer in your past. You likely have worked with systems that use wireless communication like cellular networks, Bluetooth or Wifi. IP networking is old hat to you. You can also speak in general about cybersecurity best practices when designing these system as well as describe how to implement the required technologies to meet the goals. Examples of this could include how to apply encryption technologies to the various network segments or how to setup an authentication, authorization, and accounting scheme. You may be familiar with ISO26262 and ISO21434 in particular. You may have previously worked with CAN and UDS, though recently you may have gained experience with SOME/IP. You also have experience with operating systems commonly used in automotive such as AutoSAR Classic, AutoSAR Adaptive, Linux and Android. System modelling using UML is familiar to you. You may also have experience as an embedded or mobile software architect. Qualifications • B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics or Computer Engineering or equivalent education or experience • Minimum 8 years of work experience within system or software development and/or systems engineering • Experience with automotive, embedded or mobile software development in an agile environment • Good understanding of design methodologies for embedded real-time systems • Knowledge of verification and validation methods, as well as software quality assurance best practices • Basic understanding of functional safety and cyber security fundamentals • Leadership skills proven in use • Fluent communication in English

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