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_Product Development Project Manager_Lead
Agile,embedded systems
Description: The Delivery Flow Engineer for Software Platforms , is pivotal in driving process efficiency and product excellence. Focused on embedded systems within the software platform domain, this role demands a commitment to enhancing speed and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in our Agile Release Trains. Key Responsibilities: - Process Leadership for Speed and Efficiency: Develop and refine processes to enhance speed in software development, particularly in embedded systems. Drive in creating an optimized value delivery chain to our customers. - Risk Management and Problem Solving in Embedded Systems: Proactively address technical challenges, ensuring swift resolution and minimal delays. - Release Management: Lead the work to ensure we meet our deliveries. - Cultural Leadership in Speed and Continuous Improvement: Be a role model as a servant leader by promoting a culture that values quick action and ongoing improvement, maintaining visibility for problem-solving and culture development. - Strategic Confluence Management: Oversee Confluence's structure, ensuring information is organized for quick access and effective team collaboration. Required Experience and Skills: - Proven experience in Agile environments with a strong focus on speed and continuous improvement, particularly in software platform development involving embedded systems. - Demonstrated ability in enhancing process efficiency and promoting a culture of quick action and continuous improvement. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to solve complex technical problems quickly. - Experience in the automotive industry, especially in software development with embedded systems. - Excellent leadership skills in order to promote and empower the engineers. Desired Qualifications: - Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields. -Track record of leading successful projects in software development, emphasizing speed and continuous improvement. Benefits and Opportunities: - Opportunity to work at the forefront of automotive technology in one of Sweden's largest R&D companies. - A dynamic, international, and innovative workplace.

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