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Machine Learning Engineer
Agile,Git,Jira,Python,R,Machine Learning
As a Machine Learning Engineer Vehicle Controls, working in Vehicle Controls department, you will be part of a scrum team that is responsible for software development from early concept phase to industrialization phase. You use your skills and your passion to expand your technical insights and to build and maintain a network that includes people from many areas in the company. You are curious and want to contribute to develop our technologies. Driven by customer focus you get things done. You are committed to deliver high quality and you have the ability to proceed your work without having all facts at hand before you start. You are flexible and have excellent communication and documentation skills. You have a positive attitude and are a team player. You are experienced with Agile development and familiar with software development best practices. This is a consultant assignment where you will be employed by Randstad Technologies. Key Responsibilities Develop and train Machine Learning (ML) models to predict EV Energy Consumption, Battery Degradation, Charging Strategy, Driving Behaviors, etc. Process and prepare data for ML model training and verification. Deploy ML models into production and ensure their operational efficiency at scale. Monitor and update the ML models to increase their accuracy. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in ML algorithms and architectures. Qualifications and skills required for the role Masterâs or PhD in relevant fields such as Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Computer Science, or Mathematics Minimum 3 years of Professional Work Experience in Similar Roles Domain Knowledge in Electric Vehicles, Battery Technology, and EV Energy Management Proficiency in Programming Languages such as Python, R, or similar languages used for Data Analysis and Machine Learning Experience in Model Deployment Tools and Techniques Experience in using Machine Learning libraries such as TensorFlow & PyTorch Fluent in English (spoken and written) Experience from agile way of working, Git, JIRA are meritorious Driver license (level B) is meritoriou

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