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UX Designer
We are looking for an experienced UX designer to work with our Aftermarket department and global diagnostic service platform to support predictive maintenance capabilities and secure a coherent and holistic approach to sharing data and widgets across multiple customer facing platforms. We’re looking for a candidate who is collaborative, self driven and curious with strong social skills. A business minded UX designer with a structured mindset to help drive this development in partnership both with the Aftermarket core development team and product owners as well as UX designers and service owners working with platforms that consume the data. An interest in handling complexity and how to turn data into value adding services is a must. Ability to manage both day to day work to secure proficient UX/UI consistency and that we adhere to platform best practices, as well as capability to understand different customer needs (including an increasing focus on electromobility and automation) and a partnership mindset in order to contribute to the future solution roadmap(s).

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