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Senior Web Developer
We are looking for an experienced Senior Web Developer to be part of the development team within Unify. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in backend development, with a focus on Node.js technologies, and a passion for delivering high-quality solutions. Overview of responsibilities You will work in a collaborative cross-functional team to design and develop new features, optimize existing codebase, and ensure the reliability and performance of our applications. Required skills & experience. • Backend development with Node.js • TypeScript • Version Control with GIT • Modern Javascript libraries/frameworks, mainly React. • Experience with pipelines and workflows. • NoSql databases such as MongoDB • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS • Docker • Agile principles and ways of working. Desired skills & experience • Kubernetes • Monorepo • React Native Education/Experience: • Bachelor's degree in software development/computer science or similar. • 5+ years of experience in software development. Additional information specifically for this job request We consider it fundamental that you are a humble and driven person who can work in a structured manner and care for high quality. You have great social and communication skills. Since all our web developers currently are based in Gothenburg. The process we follow for this recruitment looks like: • We evaluate the CVs, as we receive them. • The people that catch our interest most, get to deliver a code test to show their competence. • Based on the code tests, we filter out which candidates we want to meet at an interview. • Location: Gothenburg, on site 3 days a week Language: Fluent English and preferably Swedish

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