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Scrum Master
Java,C++,Scrum,Wheelan,Belbin Disc
Nyckel person sökes till coaching av Scrum Teams. Responsibilities and tasks: Responsibilities of a SCRUM master include, but are not limited to the following: Help coach the team in following the development processes defined by the organization. Guard and Coach the Agile Processes and mindset in the development team. Coach the team into becoming a high performing team. Visualize communicate and remove impediments from the team. Help to drive collaboration initiatives and communities Requirements: University education in Engineering or information technology. You have worked as a tester and/or developer in agile development teams. You are competent with Java and C++ programming and want to stay close to the code. You have been working as SCRUM magster for significant amount of the time (minimum one year). Advantageous Qualifications: You have worked in the automotive field You are familiar with, and have made use of, team development and assessment frameworks such as Wheelan, Belbin DISC etc. You have expericence with cross functional teams. You have prior experience working with Linux platform or android app development Personal attributes You have a passion for technology and people. You are a team player. You have a sincere interest in meeting new people and interaction. You are a good communicator and doer. You can work and drive concepts by yourself or as part of a team. You are passionate for knowledge sharing and to build up and empower the people around you. Multicultural awareness, especially Asian - European culture. Native or bilingual proficiency in English

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