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Design Project Leader
Requirements: Extensive project experience within automotive design environment. Good Understanding of all processes and tools within Automotive product design. (5 years) Extensive knowledge of processes interfacing with Automotive product design. Ability to manage and analyse economic data (forecast, budget and actuals) Application and interpretation of programme plans to meet project goals in terms of time, cost and content. Change management skills Accountable for project management of complete vehicle design content during vehicle product development phases. Integration of overall project / program plans with design project plans and sub plans. Manages overall delivery timing, content and quality in the project team. Maintains Resourcing, Economy, Forecasts & Follow up. Task delegation and follow up for project team members. Close working relationship with Product development, Design leadership team, Program management. Communication with stakeholders and management Personal attributes: Creativity to identify efficiency opportunities Group spirit rather than locally minded Persistency to pursue targets and take decisions Ability to foster team spirit. Ability to communicate at senior and executive level People management skills Cultural sensitivity, especially Asian – European culture

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