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Senior Cloud Developer
Java,Kafka,Spring,Docker,Kubernetes,Redis,Cassandra,Continuous X,Elk,Azure,Git
We are looking for a Senior Cloud Developer with a strong background in designing, developing, testing, deploying, operating and maintaining cloud based software solutions and managing individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables. Furthermore we expect you to have experience from much of the following: Good software development experience in Java, Kafka, spring, docker, kubernetes, redis, cassandra, event-driven, microservices, continuous X, devops, geospatial, elk, azure, BDD, git/gerrit As a cloud focused software developer your code will run mainly outside the vehicle. You will create new solutions within connected safety, assisted and autonomous driving, advanced telemetry, location-based services, big data analytics and much more. Continuous delivery is a must and we constantly push our time to market while ensuring the very highest quality and reliability. You will work with modern technologies within event-driven architecture, containerization, geospatial, continuously integration, machine learning and more. You will work in agile teams which are responsible for all technical decisions regarding their product including the necessary synchronization with other regional or global teams.

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