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About the role A big part of your job will be to design, build and maintain scalable and resilient container platforms and modern infrastructure in the public cloud. You will also collaborate with the development organization and ensure that we provide scalable, capable and accessible infrastructure services and environments. About you We believe you are a team player, capable and a good communicator who wants to contribute to great team spirit by knowledgesharing in exchange with your colleagues. You have probably a bachelor’s degree in management information systems, computer science or equally. We are simply looking for an IT professional who wants to take responsibility for technological maintenance, improvements and development within the cloud. Required Skills Container orchestration (Kubernetes, OpenShift) Experience of traditional infrastructure technologies Proficient in Linux Technical expertise in Azure CI/CD systems (Azure DevOps) Good understanding of software development Knowledge of more cloud technologies such as AWS etc. Experience of Infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, Ansible) Scripting (Bash, PowerShell)

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