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Fullstack Developer
We are now planning to expand our newly built system with Diagnostic and Software Download capabilities and need to streghten the team. We are looking for an experienced developer with skills in both front and backend. The hosting environment will be Azure with a local diagnostic driver. Most of the development will be done in Python and hosted in a container based set up. You will be a part of a small but growing team of enthusiasts on changing mobility forever. We are the guardians of “Uptime” for our vehicle fleet 1.1. Assignment Development of local diagnostic drivers Development of local API clients Required: Cloud: Azure. Languages: Python, .NET (C#), JS (One or multiple: Vue, React, Angular, Ember, Meteor etc.), Environments: Azure Dev-ops: Azure Vehicle diagnostics Vehicle Software download Doip/UDS-CAN Extra credit: Knowledge in Kubernetes, Docker (Containers in short). Dev-ops (Preferably Azure dev ops) Power platform. We are after all the guardians of “Uptime”

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