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SQL,T-SQL,Azure,Windows Server,Windows Cluster
You will work in a team of DBA's overlooking, administering and supporting the SQL Database Hosting platform. Our SQL-hosting platform consists of more than 500 instances hosted on clusters, stand-alone servers & Azure PaaS and are located both in cloud (Azure) and on-premise (in datacenters and on local sites). This role is focused on maintaining the platform overall with a special focus of streamlining, optimization, standards, configuration & best practices.    Main tasks ·         Drive and execute SQL platform optimization, automation and improvement activities ·         Maintenance and development of installation and configuration scripts ·         Creation and maintenance of SQL-platform related documentation, how-to's, installation & configuration documentation etc. ·         Maintain our in-house developed SQL Web-tool used for inventory, compliance, etc.   Other tasks which occasionally might occur ·         Installation, configuration, maintenance and administration of MS SQL instances ·         Advanced troubleshooting and performance tuning of MS SQL Server instances in cooperation with the application team    Required competencies and experiences ·         Expertise and experience in MS SQL Server ·         Expertise in Powershell and T-SQL ·         Good knowledge and experience in Windows Server and Windows Cluster ·         Good knowledge and experience in IT infrastructure overall ·         Knowledge and experience of monitoring and maintaining SQL-servers in a Windows Hosting environment ·         Knowledge and experience of administering large SQL estates ·         Knowledge and experience of patching and updating SQL-instances in large environments ·         Knowledge and experience of Azure SQL services ·         Fluent in English ·         Good communication skills ·         Being a true team-player with excellent social and cooperation skills   Meriting skills and competencies ·         Container technologies ·         Php, java, json programming   

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