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Head of Commerce Solutions
You will be responsible for defining the vision and goals for the Commerce Solutions Domain and measuring the performance health through OKRs and KPIs. You will own the domain portfolio, define domain level targets, and ensure the roadmap delivers on the business strategy and meets the expectations of stakeholders and teams. In order to be successful in this role, you should be able to build credibility, establish rapport, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization. Main tasks/Responsibilities ● Define vision and goals for domain and present it to domain members, working closely with the Digital Product Managers and Digital Leads. ● Own the domain portfolio by designing and maintaining the overall roadmap. Manages expectations of external and internal stakeholders. ● Lead the reviews (e.g. QBR) on behalf of the domain, defining and presenting priorities in the review memo. ● Synchronize goals with Digital Product Managers and Digital Leads, and lead formulation of mission and goals for competence groups and teams. ● Build a culture of accountability and ownership by empowering the domain and setting clear expectations. ● Work to extend economic limits for business initiatives outside normal scope when project potential warrants it. ● Monitor the domain’s adherence to all financial targets. Required skills ● Experience as a business manager or owner in the relevant field/product/customer segment, with responsibility for P&L and key performance indicators of the organization. ● Deep understanding of tech and technology trends and e-commerce needs, ability to create a value proposition for the consumer (B2C) and a vision for the domain's product group ● Experience as a Manager/Director in the tech landscape (or a similar role), strong skills of maintaining and prioritizing multiple backlogs ● A minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in high growth eCommerce, tech, retail or consumer products. ● Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills, with the ability to lead both direct reports and cross-functional teams. ● Demonstrated ability to manage complex projects of a technical nature, methodological mindset to test new ideas and work towards valid results. ● Ability to manage relationships with technical and business leaders/executives and senior technical staff. ● Extensive experience working in a cross-functional environment with design, development, research and analytics. The core expectation is that the individual possesses the ambition, influencing skills as well as the technical expertise to define and drive the transformation of the current operating model towards a more consumer-centric, digital-first approach. Personal Qualities ● An empathetic and experienced leader of people, direct and indirect - with ability to manage employees through growth and change and have a desire to lead and contribute to a fast paced, hands-on, visionary culture. ● You build trust with teams and internal stakeholders by creating clarity, providing support and instilling teams with energy and a can-do mindset. ● Great communication skills to convey complex ideas and alternatives to the client, the team and all stakeholders in different areas (such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT and Tech) ● Credibility and leadership qualities to take product decisions about a product group. ● Strong analytical skills to direct a domain toward the right decisions in the shortest possible time. ● Critical thinking, ability to find new solutions outside traditional frameworks and make radical change. ● Belief in a non-hierarchical culture of interaction, transparency and trust in teams. ● Willingness to "roll up one's sleeves," work and study outside of one's comfort zone and motivate the domain toward such behavior. ● Coach employees and help to remove roadblocks. ● Experimentalist frame of mind for innovation who is willing to fail often and fast

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