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Network Architect & Project Manager
Cisco,Meraki,AMP,Infoblox,Cisco ISE,JIRA,Confluence,ServiceNow
Working in accordance with the long-term network strategy and development. Performing network and security related coordination and planning for the Chinese/APAC region. Deliveries Network architecture / Project management work within the Scope of the Network function. Driving work in setting best practices, configuration baselines, improving delivery meeting the organizational needs for network and networking functions. Configuring and assisting in establishment of Spaces, and new offices/sites and streamlining the network design. Including office networks, WAN structure and Factory networking. Competence Specification Routing, Switching, Firewall, Cisco, Meraki, AMP, Umbrella, Network design and documentation, Infoblox, Cisco ISE, 802.1x, project management, JIRA/Confluence, ServiceNow, basic knowledge in business development and business analysis, mapping demand specifications. There is a need for basic knowledge in business development and business analysis, experience within mapping demand specifications related to network strategy in a global perspective.

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