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Embedded developer
You will be a member of a team that consist of a mix of software designers with architecture knowledge, software developers with product software and test development knowledge as well as systemization and requirement handling. All documentation is and will be in English and meetings are conducted in English as needed. Key competences required in for all team members: C++ knowledge UML knowledge High quality mind set Experience working with Linux. TCP/IP networking Experience using messaging protocols, e.g. GRPC, ZeroMQ, DDS. Key competence required within the team: Software architectural experience Experience safety critical software Experience cybersecurity Experience working in a real-time/embedded system Experience working POSIX RTOS e.g. QNX. Experience working with resource constrains and real-time software Development of networking applications, e.g. sockets Test and debugging, using Python framework. The team shall have cross-competencies and experiences from following domains. Distributed systems Real-time communications Cloud microservices development Functional safety Cybersecurity

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