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We’re on the lookout for Full Stack Developers – used to implementing new functionality and improving user experience, while simultaneously making sure that everything looks amazing. The role involves working closely with both the team and our clients to develop kick-ass solutions for global brands. We’re interested in someone who’s experienced in any back-end language, as well as the front-end stack. To succeed in this role you see yourself as software engineer rather than a specialist in one language: a language agnostic developer, you might say. You quickly understand new paradigms which fit your needs to find a well-designed solution to your task. Working as a developer at us comes with a lot of benefits. There are teams dedicated to content, support and SysOps, and – of course – passionate colleagues sharing knowledge and assistance. We also have recurring meet-ups for all developers, and encourage people to go to conferences, take courses and much more. A wide range of clients keeps us on our toes when it comes to creativity, and inspires us to deliver awesome technical solutions as well as beautiful creative and design work. Our culture is open-minded, friendly and approachable. There are no hierarchies or external leadership dictating what we do, and we like it that way. We value all forms of innovation and collaboration; and we’re constantly challenging ourselves, and what we already know.

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