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Solution Consultant
Looking for an expert in ITSM & ServiceNow platform, specific focus on: Service Level Management, Availability and Continuity Management. Area / Scope: ITSM/ServiceNow Functional specialist – Service Level Management • Service Level Management • Availability & Continuity Management Purpose: The mission for the ITSM/ServiceNow Functional specialist is to be a recognized expert in the area, recognized for excellent knowledge and practical experience of the area in scope Work content • Investigate Business needs and requirements • Define Change Request proposals and Functionality Specifications • Propose prioritization of Change Requests • Contribute in development, maintenance and improvement of the Processes/Practices and Methods incl related Tools, to reach the required IT Service Management performance and capabilities in the Community. • Contribute in defining, planning & execution of User Acceptance Test (UAT) • Provide Support, e.g. coaching and training, on how to practically use processes/practices, methods and tools in day-to-day work • Develop, Maintain and Provide relevant user documentation and work instructions. • Develop, Maintain and Provide training material and training/coaching sessions based on needs and requests Competence needed • Good and documented understanding of relevant Industry Best Practices regarding processes/practices (e.g. ITIL), Methods and Tools (e.g. ServiceNow) • Excellent knowledge/understanding, and proven practical experience, in specifying ServiceNow functionality development, e.g. o Service Level Management, Service Level compliance & follow-up o Service Portfolio mgmt Portals, Dashboards, etc o Availability Management o Business Impact measurements/follow-up • Deep understanding of the criticality of the data & information used in the process • Dedication to increasing delivery quality and effectiveness • Good pedagogical skills and enjoying support, coaching and training. • Excellent communication and presentation skills and capability of managing stakeholders • Complete proficiency in English is a requirement

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