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Enterprise Architect
job description. We are looking for an Enterprise Architect to one of our automotive clients. Our client is in the process of transferring half of the workforce to a recently started Business Center. This transition will enable a shared service center setup, with the new Business Center delivering generic and scalable services & capabilities to many of the companies within the organization. The transition will introduce many architectural challenges and decisions, which is why we are looking for an enterprise architect to investigate, assess, identify gaps, and propose solutions to the challenges ahead together with the product teams.   The mission of the existing IT Enterprise Architect (EA) is to secure a holistic, robust and future-safe enterprise architecture from all viewpoints (Business Services, Business Processes, Information, Applications and Technology). The IT EA drives the development of an architecture that support the IT deliveries, policies and business needs. With the organizational split in two, and half of the staff moving to the new Business Center along with many of the IT systems and responsibilities, the work of the EA will focus on securing that the architecture supports and conforms with the new company setup and ways of working together with the existing EA, working as a collaborative team. responsibilities. The IT Enterprise Architect   Leads the development of a holistic and coherent enterprise architecture model fit for the new company setup, from all architecture perspectives (Business Services, Business Processes, Information, Applications and Technology).  Is overall responsible for the architectural strategy and decisions connected to the move, driving technical overarching investigations and initiatives connected the move.  Is a key member of the IT Architecture Board working closely with the existing Enterprise Architect as well as the solution architects in the product teams.  Is overall responsible for re-assessing Digital IT Architecture Repository including IT policies, directives, standards and reference architectures to validate which of these are still valid and which need reviewing as part of move.  Working as a lead towards the IAM team to help them drive and secure any IAM challenges coming with the move.  Reports to Head of Digital Ability & Engagement  qualifications.  Long experience working as an enterprise architect or as a solution architect, preferably in a modern IT operation/organization.  Good understanding of EA frameworks in general and TOGAF in particular.  Experience in architectural modelling such as information, process, capabilities and infrastructure models.  Good understanding of customer operations and best practices.  Excellent communication, documentation and presentation skills.  Familiar with agile project management and delivery methods & platforms, e.g. SAFe & Jira.  Business oriented mindset.  Service Minded, familiar with service transformation.  Organized, analytic, structured, and skilled in documentation.  Excellent team player.   ITIL knowledge (foundation level) is preferable.  Holistic view and capability to understand IT services in a business context.  Good at analyzing the big picture without losing the grip of details.  application.

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