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Data visualization expert (BI)
We are looking for a team member that have experience in software development of as well as Data visualization to support the operational value stream. Having experience in creatively working with data and visualizations is a must have. Being a strong critical thinker with a problem-solving aptitude to identifying areas if improvements is highly valued. Not being afraid to challenge the status-quo in order provide valuable insights that can be visually communicated and understood by stakeholders. Since the team is 4 people strong, we need the individual to be hands on and able to support the team members if necessary, not only in the creation of dashboards but also in the process development and planning phases.   Requirements: •High degree of drive, self-motivation, curiosity and excellent communication skills in English   •3+ years working with BI development experience - PowerBI preferred •Advanced skills in building dashboards and data visualizations •Proficient with developing tabular and multidimensional models •Extensive SQL Server experience (Azure SQL a plus) •Experience with ETL processing, data transformation and data modelling techniques •Expertise in using advanced level calculations within data sets•Public cloud (AWS certifications are a welcome plus) •Experience of CI/CD pipelines

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