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We are looking for a project leader for one of our key projects. We will take on the mission to deliver a new Cloud Platform to support multiple brands/vehicles and services for our future digital offering. As project leader you will drive this project together with RnD organization and secure deliveries in the total eco-system for Connectivity. To thrive in this role, we think that not only do you have a passion for connected solutions, but also have solid experience from managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders. As project leader your main assignment will be: • Plan, drive and communicate project deliverables • Report progress to steering committees and stakeholders • Manage risk and communicate corrective actions • Manage project budget and follow up • Interact and align with vehicle projects • Interact and align with other cloud / connectivity projects • Helping teams monitor deliveries/progress Requirements: • Proven track records of driving complex software project • Proven track records of driving software projects in automotive context • Experience from software industry (preferable cloud/connectivity) • Experience from project models in both automotive and software industry • Experience from reporting to C-level executives • Strong communication skills • Team player

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