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We are now looking for a senior project manager for one of our clients. This is a very interesting position where you will be leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV projects related to implementations, improvements of the ERP and surrounding areas. You will also lead a small team of consultants in their daily tasks. Besides acting as a project manager to secure a successful delivery and implementation. Your role will also be about keeping pace and stringency in system development activities, by working together with the organization to find good solutions for the future. Our client is working towards global management and control of their business model and their business system as well as peripheral systems (Twin, Power BI). In that journey, this role will have great responsibility, and opportunity for influence, in both work processes and system solutions. The goal of a global management of NAV is to have as common and similar working methods in the various databases as possible to facilitate the daily work, coordination, and management of the company. You will work in an international environment, at a high pace. This means that you must be able to handle several different projects at the same time at several different levels in the company. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to influence in how to move forward in a more digitalized everyday life. 

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