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Agile Coach /Scrum master
Scrum Master
As an Agile Coach you will: - Work with community level alignment and improvements within the area. Closely collaborating with teams, leaders and other departments. This includes: o Leading and coaching teams in Lean/Agile methods and components for enhancing value focus and minimizing waste in the delivery process (OKR, VSM, EM, Scrum/Safe, Kata, etc.) o Using a top-down/bottom-up approach for understanding, improving and communicating product Vision, Goals and Roadmaps o Guiding the understanding of and improving the alignment effects between different perspectives and contexts creating value for customer and company (teams, departments, sites, projects, skillsets, etc.) o Creating understanding of how organizational, sociological and psychological factors impact the workforce culture, health and productivity o This work includes information gathering, knowledge refresh and learning, experiments (theoretical and practical), follow up and measuring - Take of scrum master related duties like: o Facilitating recurring Scrum events (Planning*, Dailies, Reviews* and Retrospective). o Leading and driving team improvement work cycles o Ensuring transparency and communication flow within the team, with stakeholders and other dependent parties o Proactively suggesting improvements and changes to Lean/Agile product delivery on strategic level o Supporting the Feature Team deliveries with agile planning, execution and follow up o Coaching the CSO/PO in agile preparation, planning, prioritization and follow up o Individual coaching of all team members in Lean/Agile practices and responsibilities We are looking for team members with expertise in software development as well as showing strong communication and co-operation skills. For this position it is vital that you are passionate about change leading and that you see yourself contributing in teamwork, workshops and communicating with different stakeholders as part of the requirements gathering and implementation process. Preferred qualifications: - Certification and/or proven experience from scum master roles, change leader roles or similar. - MSc or BSc in Computer Science / Physics Engineering / Industrial Engineering or equivalent Programing experience - Experienced with Windows / Unix / Linux environment - Ability to speak and write English fluently - Ability to speak additional languages fluently We put great emphasis on your personal characteristics. We value individuals who have an analytical approach to problem solving, strong communication skills both within and outside your team, an interest for technology as well as human relations and a curiosity to learn and explore new ways of doing things.

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