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Developer for Fleet Insight Fleet insight offers the developers the possibility to get a detailed insight in the behavior and performance of the vehicle software through flexible access of data close to where it is generated in the customer vehicles. Fleet Insight is a service for developers to offload key data from customer vehicles and to enable experimentation through dynamic data queries without the need to wait for every six-week over-the air update. With Fleet insight can ensure continuous development of a world class AD software. We are looking for an experienced developer who will take lead in the development of the Fleet insight service for developers. As a developer you will get the chance to build a great network of collaboration with product owners, development teams and our customer. Fleet insight offers a wide area of strategic and technical challenges within onboard (customer vehicle) and offboard systems such as cloud solutions, logging, flexible compute, data offload and backend solutions. You will be expected to: Collaborate with experts to ensure that the technical areas come together to a well-functioning service by setting the right architecture and finding the right solutions and where to implement what to adapt the current designs to support new data collection use cases Identify and describe the technical gaps Contribute and be a leading force in the design of the Fleet insight solution Contribute to development of Fleet insight backend by submitting patches in collaboration with development teams Participate in specifying and testing the Fleet insight data collection use cases We believe that you have a technical background with development experience and that you are curious to learn new areas. You should be able to create the bigger picture as well as understand details to be able to guide and support the development teams and support the product owner. You need to have very good collaboration and communications skills and being able to align and drive on different levels of the company. It is good if you have experience from agile way-of-working. Technical skills needed: System design experience Software development, Python and C++ Cloud experience (Azure primarily) Git based development flows (Gerrit) SQL (Postgres) (good to have skills)

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