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Android Mobile SDK Developer
Kotlin,C++,AIDL,Java,Gradle Gerrit,Git
We are now looking for Android Mobile SDK Developers to work with our mobile SDK; the cornerstone of our companion app offering. We are looking for a candidate who is innovative, forward thinking, engaged, self-driven, collaborative, and able to break down large challenges into bite-sized, testable problems to solve quickly. You will work together with your team and with partner companies to build the SDKs on which the mobile apps teams rely. You are as comfortable designing and working with a high-level system architecture as you are with implementing the same architecture in portable, readable, well-tested code. You can implement secure interfaces which abstract cloud, BLE, UWB, and other protocols and define a logical, easy-to-use, well-documented API atop of these abstractions. Desired Skills: English (Swedish is bonus) Android Development Kotlin, C++, AIDL, Java, Gradle Gerrit, Git, etc. Android App Lifecycle, Android Background Services, Android Studio, ADB, etc  

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