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Senior Data Engineer
Assignment Full stack data engineer Level Senior with minimum of 5 years relevant experience Work Assignment Being part of a Roadmap team to build on the existing back-end (Python and PostgreSQL) and front-end (Angular) functionalities. Work together with the Tech Lead and other data engineers to identify opportunities for improvement and best design to incorporate new requirements as part of the Python data pipeline, as well as the Angular front-end, consuming from multiple solutions. Participate and actively engage in the relevant Agile ceremonies. Qualifications Qualification in IT and/or relevant experience. The ideal candidate will have: strong experience developing front-end applications using Angular, as well as strong experience developing back-end data pipelines using Python and SQL strong data analysis skills ability to communicate clearly with IT as well as business stakeholders comfortable to challenge the current ways of working work well within a team as well as individually Experience in Clinical Trial data or GxP solutions will be a bonus.

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