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Backend utvecklare
We are looking for a developer with love for backend development and problem solving. Someone who is ready for a challenge and would like to join our team and work on the backend with purpose of monitoring trains. We see it as very important to fit well into the team and have good social ability. The team is setup in an international environment so most of the work in online via teams, from time to time the team gathers and therefore there could be some occasional travel included. Common work tasks: - Develop new backend microservice features - Design and develop highly scalable production level code using .NET or C#. - Collaborate with the team to design, development and operate the solutions on AWS technology stack (DevOps). - Write REST API’s in backend language. - Optimize code for performance and scalability - Act as Scrum Master for the team. - Be able to communicate API solutions to frontend teams - Write automized tests using godog. Requirements: • Experience & interest in backend coding, it’s quirks and workarounds using .NET /C#. • Knowledge of AWS Devops and pipelines. Page 2 of 3 • Terraform/CloudFormation or other Infrastructure as code technology experience is a plus. • Knowledge of back-end testing. (For example. godog) • Strong interest in technology and programming, a problem solver. • Knowledge of cloud-based and/or microservice architecture. • API Design (REST) • Good English communication skills since the team is international. Bonus skills: • Database • Golang • IoT protocols

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