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Back-end developer
C#,SQL Server,PostgreSQL,MongoDB,CosmosDB,Azure
Description:  Software development that makes a difference You are a hands-on developer with back-end experience. You are experienced with agile development and a champion of software development best practices. You and your skills - You are experienced as a back-end software engineer. To succeed in this role, you need to have a minimum of 5 years of work experience developing applications. - Very high proficiency in C# - Good knowledge in developing with at least two of these database technologies: SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB - Deep experience in developing and documenting APIs - Experience with Node.js - Long experience in using one or more cloud providers like AWS or Azure - Long experience in testing, including Unit, Integration and API/Domain testing. - Deep understanding of Service Oriented Architectures - Very good knowledge and understanding about Clean Code, SOLID principles Last but not least, share our passion for developments in the auto industry. 

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