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Frontend developer
The team’s task is to gather all kinds of data from different pipelines, store them in cloud and via a Rest-API, make it accessible within the company and used by other teams to draw conclusions & predictions about AI/ML and improving ownership experience. Backend technique’s today: Python, PostgreSQL, kubernetes, REST, terraform, AWS. We are strong on backend side and would like to strengthen in front-end area. The next step is to create a user interface to the Rest-API and front-end developer to drive that development. Do you fit the profile? You have extensive experience in front-end development and have developed a product from start to end. You are experienced with driving projects from requirement handling, design, and development to delivery. It’s important that the web interface is easy to use for our customers, robust and easy to maintain over time. The techniques are not set but we see that you are used to modern web frameworks like React/Svelte, Javascript, Figma etc. Some knowledge in Python is beneficial to understand the backend side and since the team wants to work as cross-functional as possible. You are also familiar with the Agile methods and DevOps. You are fluent in English both verbal and written. If you have had some experience in AWS cloud, that is a plus. You are a person with a proactive approach, a problem solver and a flexible team player. Together with you, we will have even more fun. We’d love to see that you are eager to learn, have a proactive approach when solving daily issues and you never lose your service-minded thinking. You are used to working in a high pace and fast-changing business, which gives you additional drive and stimulate your sense of urgency, creativity, and curiosity. You have an ability to create trust around you while influencing others with the right mindset and company culture. Furthermore, you are analytical, organized and have a great attention to details. 

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