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UX Designer/Visual Designer
UX,Adobe CC,Figma,Sketch
The UX App & Partner Platform Team is in a productive period and are looking for new talents to join the team. We need a Visual Designer, with a strong sense for what is needed to create good user interaction and delicate solution. In the App & Partner Platform Team we work to deliver applications which are based in Android Automotive and well integrated in the Car OnBoard Environment. Majority of our work, but not only, are focusing on Media, Phone and Navigation applications. Part of the work is to understand the rules of Android but still craft delightful experiences by seeing the opportunities for the areas where attractiveness and delightfulness can be added to craft that extra value for the User and the Product Experience. The App & Partner Team is one of several Teams that belongs to Design. If you join us, you will be part of a highly professional team who craft products and experiences that makes a difference in the car industry. Wanted Skills: - Highly skilled within interaction design to deliver outstanding UIs . - Proven artistic/aesthetic track record. A portfolio is a must - Strong and documented skills within visual/graphic design, layout and typography design - Have a keen attention to details - Ability to align and adapt visuals, design patterns and principles between the different UX areas. - Have a collaborative and positive mindset with an problem solving approach. You will collaborate with peers within UX design as well as development teams. - Experience from different Car UX platforms and/or Android Automotive is a bonus. - Organised and structured Tools : Adobe CC, Figma, Sketch

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