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Object Tracking
Why join us? Our Target Tracking teams are responsible for delivering filtered and fused information about surrounding objects in real time. We work in collaboration with other teams to develop Autonomous Driving (AD) and next generation of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features. Our contribution is to develop robust object tracking features to enable AD and ADAS. Within the Target Tracking area we work close together, and everyone is involved in all development tasks, with early reviews and sharing of concepts being a core part of our development process. You will have a variety of complex challenges to solve every day and learn and develop on the way. Your mission and day-to-day tasks Design and improve Target Tracking algorithms based on analysis of real world data Write safety-critical product code in C++ using a modern development environment Deploy and test software on test vehicles Ensure the quality and safety of your delivery to customers Developing tools like evaluation scripts in Python and Grafana boards Candidate background and experience Essential Experience A drive for solving real world problems within Target Tracking A critical mindset and interest in analysis Industrial experience within modern C++ SW development Programming experience with Python You embrace close collaboration on development tasks and enjoy e.g. doing code reviews or pair programming Nice-to-have Knowledge in signal processing Experience in real-time embedded systems Kalman filter knowledge Functional safety experience Experience using data from different sensor sources Automotive experience Experience with Git/Gerrit SQL and database knowledge European driver's license Hällered proving ground licenses (T1 and T2)

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