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IT PM with scrum master
Scrum Master
IT PM to lead and secure IT deliverables for 2 development teams (working with 2 epics). The development teams are working with Scrum so the IT PM need to have experience in scrum master role to support the team and secure the progress. One team are doing development of core LCV/Diamond epics that will read service information and parts data from Renault Cars and store them in internal system so it can be shown in "impact" just like for all other products. The other team develop solution for campaigns and other features. The development team is based in Sweden/Gothenburg. The IT PM is expected to be on site with the team in Gothenburg couple of days in week. This is a replacement, so the new IT PM need to have the ability to be up to speed and acquaint oneself into the deliveries. Time for handover is considered in this request. The applications are made in java. Comments on Experience & Skills We're looking for an IT PM with experience from Scrum Master role. We're looking for a person who make things happen and is very strong in communication to the team and to the stakeholders. It's important with IT knowledge and we value previous experience from development (but not a requirement). We look for someone who is skilled in structure, follow-up and secure progress of the IT delivery and is a great team player. Need to be fluent in English. Primary skills needed: Business Domain Knowledge

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